Life Update and Works in Progress

It’s been a while since I last posted on a blog update. If you haven’t noticed I have been providing a lot of writing advice for new and well-seasoned writers.

This post, however, will be a little summary of who I am and what I am currently working on if you haven’t managed to look at my about me page.

Below is an insight into who the person is providing the writing tips.

I have a Bachelor of Arts – Creative Writing, Sociology, and English Literature; and a Masters of Teaching, English and Special Education.

I am currently teaching high school children on the autism spectrum and have two works in process.

My first WIP is my novel, A Time of Stones. ATOS is the first novel of an epic fantasy series that that deals with themes of self-discovery, power, and war. The story follows three protagonists. One a captured slave struggling to fight for her freedom; and a father and son dealing with the loss of their loved ones. As the protagonists deal with self-discovery, family and grief, an army from the east close in to reclaim one of the lost stones for the ancient black staff.

My second WIP is a novel within the Fiction Vortex (read more), War of Power and Light. Set in a world of dragons and unicorns, the story follows sisters and a young prince. The sisters are forced to flee from the overpowering dragons to a desolate land, and the young reluctant prince struggles between the relationship of his father and his divine-blood.

I hope to have War of Power and Light published in August, and A Time of Stones in December.

I hope this has given you, the readers, more of an insight into my routine, what I am currently working on and my schedule.

Happy writing.

Morgan looking upon the mountains of Thea

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