What Point of View Do You Choose?

It’s that time of the week – Tuesday Discussion.

From those who are new, each week I post a topic (relevant to my WIP) and try to unravel the mysteries and perspectives of it. Last weeks post was Finding a Literary Agent and this week is:

What is your Point of View?

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Monday Motivation

The main difference between the amateur and professional writer is: one shows up to work every day and the other one doesn’t.

For today, take a look at the way you go about your writing. Although it’s great to have a set schedule for your craft, you may need to mix things up a bit to bring back your groove.

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To Overcome the Overwhelmed

Every writer gets overwhelmed sometimes. It’s a part of the craft—especially for those writing novels. I’ve often become the victim of the overwhelm and lost much time to it.

You are both the victim and the aggressor in this fight.

You must face yourself if you want to win. The first part of this fight is…

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Three Steps For World Building

As a fantasy writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about the worlds my characters inhabit. Solid world building is essential to the story. If done well, readers become immersed in the tale, but when it’s done poorly, they notice it and put down your novel.

Here are Three Steps For Worldbuilding that will help create believable worlds in unbelievable settings:

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Patience is Virtue

Patience is a virtue, and it isn’t easy to come by. However, it can be the difference between a talented writer and a published author. Even if you’ve mastered the art of the comma, studied plot structure at university, and have contacts in the publishing world, I believe you can’t make it without patience.

Here are three points that outline, how writers are patient:

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Bryon Bay Writers Festival 2018

Byron identity-Mono

This weekend I am volunteering for the Byron Bay Writers Festival. I am super excited about being a Liasion and an Usher for the Main Stage (Southern Cross University Marque).

It is an important part of being a writer and communicating with like-minded people; and connecting with editors, authors, journalists etc… and the whole industry.

If anyone is in Australia and the North Coast Region of New South Wales, please come down to the festival and support our way of life.

To see the full program click here: Byron Bay Writers Festival.

#DWTSmith #byronwritersfestival



Five Tips to Pace Narrative and Structure

Throughout editing my first manuscript, this issue continues to be a problem. From what I have seen in other published novels, it is evident across the published platform.

There are multiple factors that determine the narrative pace, the rate at which your story’s narrated action unfolds. Tone and word choice are two factors. Yet having a good command of grammar helps too.

 Do you find this to be a problem in your project?

Try these tips to build better pacing:

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