Friday Reads

Friday reads

Last #fridayreads I finished the second installment to Ian Irvine’s The View from the Mirror series ‘The Tower on the Rift’.I will be reading books three and four, not yet instead I moved onto a collections of fantasy short stories, the ‘Basilisk’. The thing I love about a collection of short stories is you can read a short story once a week or month, in no chronological order. However, I have not finished all the short stories but I moved onto a series I have been dying to read.  
Martin Middleton’s Chronicles of the Custodians series. 

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Tuesday Discussion

I am sorry for the lack of posts last week, it was a vibrant, energetic and exhausting. However, this week I aim to make it up and as always begin it with Tuesday Discussion.

Last weeks post looked at the key points to writing a Synopsis for your manuscript.

This week is about author collaboration.

A few points come to mind when discussing author collaborations.

  1.  Communication– For myself, I would like the author to be in physical form as the creative and writing process could flow a bit more natural.
  2. Genre – Obviously, your partner needs to have the same taste in genre e.g. fantasy
  3. Narrative voice – I read Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s Death Gate cycle and the narrative voice at times seemed distinct of whom was in control of what scene. If I did a collaboration I would want a smooth narrative voice with the author throughout the whole novel.

As a reader: Do you like reading novels that have two authors?

As a writer/ author: Have you done a collaboration before? If so, how was the process?

Would you consider doing a collaboration with another author?

Post your comments and answers below. If you think someone has an interesting point of view and answer, please invite them or share this post to them.

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Tuesday Discussion

It is that time of the week. Thoughts, ideas and questions are exchanged from blogger to author; writer to reader. A weekend of slow editing as my mind wondered unto the process after editing – what to do with a polished manuscript.

After having a first group of beta-readers, re-edited, re-edited, re-send to another group of beta-readers, (maybe pay for an editor) then I was left with two options: self-publish or traditional publishing.

As discussed previously about the publishing options here, this week I thought I would investigate, published authors or writers, their Synopsis.

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Burimen Brothers VIII

#Fantasyfriday is here.

‘The “Burimen Brothers” is an on-going Fantasy story that I will be writing on my blog. It was going to be my first novel but I thought I would express it to my followers.

IBurimen Brothers is story I begun on my blog last year. I have published seven installments (below) and I will continue it.

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