Welcome to my website! My name is Douglas W.T. Smith and I am an Australian Fantasy Author.

This space is for the two things that I love and that is – writing and reading.

My first book, Shadow Of The Wicked is now LIVE on all your reading platforms. Read a sample below and purchase it today!


I am proud to say that I am part of, Of Metal and Magic Publishing. We are small indie publishing company that aim to deliver high quality stories and products by a range of authors. To read more check out the website OMAMPublishing.

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A man doesn’t run away into the forest. He stands by his family against all the odds that are thrown at them.

Life’s A Journey

Hello, dear readers! I want to begin this blog post by expressing my sincere apologies for my recent absence and lack of consistent posting. Life has a way of throwing unexpected challenges and responsibilities our way, and I…

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Indie Ink Awards 2022

SHADOW OF THE WICKED IS UP FOR NOMINATION FOR THE INDIE INK AWARDS 2022! I’m so excited by this news. When I chose to self-publish and become an indie author, I never would have thought SotW would be…

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