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Forged from the abyss by the elder gods, the history of Soria spans over 10,000 years.

In this time, the people of the world have seen bloody wars, the rise, and fall of divine empires, and pitched struggles between dragons and unicorns—the very children of the gods who created men. Though the seed of civilization was planted on the continent of Elitor, people crossed the wide oceans to other lands, and to divergent evolutions. Today the world revolves around two great powers: Telsemar in the east, and Drumnaught in the west. It is from the dusty volumes in the duty halls of these cities’ grand depositories, that we look back on the tumultuous history of Soria and the tales of Metal and Magic.

YEAR ONE Compendium: An Of Metal and Magic CORE

This collection features exclusive short fiction from the Of Metal and Magic team and Kit Campbell, Jane Dougherty, Anna Civolani, EA Robins, Roque Lattaro Neto, and exclusive character art by Morri Koester.

Call of the Guardian
The Fierce
Blood of the Forge
Pariah’s Lament
The Mad Reign
To Wield the Stars
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YEAR ONE Compendium: An Of Metal and Magic CORE