A Call to Beta-Readers for My Debut Novel

From a previous post, Reading chapters of my novel I asked people to read the first couple chapters of my novel, A Time of Stones, after the first draft. I have edited, edited and edited over the last few months and I feel almost ready to send off queries to agents and publishers. One last round of beta-readers couldn’t possibly hurt could it? So,

I am calling beta readers to read the first three chapters.

Remember constructive feedback only please and this time round, I do have a short questionnaire.

If you would like to read the first three chapters, please email me on the contact page or comment below with your email address. I will send you the list of questions along side the chapters.

Your email will not be spammed or you will not be added to my email listing without your consent – it is for sharing my work, nothing more.

If you have work to read, please send some through and I will do the same.

#DWTSmith #betareaders #atimeofstones

Lohgan throught the forest

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