Editing checklist

Writer Wednesday tip for the fellow writers and authors is these checklists I have for my editing phrase – part two.

Chapter checklist

A – Action

R – Romance

I – Information

S – Suspense

E – Emotion

Overall story and plot

I – Imagery

D – Dialogue

E – Emotion

A – Action

I have these two checklists sticky note to my table and laptop. As I filter through words and fill in skipped detail, I look at my checklist. Reminding me how to intrigue and capture my potential readers.

Do you have any checklists whilst editing?

Copy, paste, write, photograph or screenshot these lists and use them. Comment below if they helped, if they need adding to or just to say hello.

Coffee and editing

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4 thoughts on “Editing checklist

  1. I don’t really use checklists (which is weird, because I love lists). I usually edit in rounds, though. I’ll do a general scene-by-scene edit and by the time I’m done with that, I generally have made notes on continuity issues, big-picture issues, and plot issues. Then, I’ll go back and do a tighter line edit for odd or unclear phrases, repetition, filler words, and just general things that need to be shaved off my actual prose. So I guess I tend to work systematically, just with nothing officially written down.


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