Burimen Brothers – Part III

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Here is the third installment for my online fantasy novel. If this is your first viewing please read the 1st and 2nd, and it should make a lot more sense.

Burimen Brothers

Burimen Brothers – Part II

Thank you and enjoy.


I held onto her hand, trying not to get lost. I could hear the echoing stomps of the enormous creature, rocks crumbling down from its claws squeezing through the narrow tunnels.

My legs were tired from the constant running and my throat was burning from smoke. I dragged Santhara down like an anchor on a capsizing boat. I spun around to see the rider sitting on the Dragons jagged spine. I saw he had no legs; his torso was merged to the creature.

The tunnel glowed orange around us, the Dragons monstrous mouth, sharp teeth burst the flames of hell towards us. Santhara yanked me out of the darkness and onto a dry grass plain. Fire ran past us and exploded out of the tunnel. We were projected from the force but unscathed. I stood and dusted the dirt and grass off my tunic and pants. Clouds scattered the grey-blue sky and the brisk breeze crept into my tunic. It sent shivers down my spine and stood the hairs on my arms. Santhara paced past me, ‘Come on, let’s go.’

My heavy legs struggled to follow her, ‘can we rest please?’ I begged.

‘No. We have to keep going,’ she urged me, ‘at least to Edenra.’

Edenra was a few leagues distance from the mountains, ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.’

Santhara stopped and gazed behind us, waiting for the Wndith to follow. We stood like statues but nothing emerged out of the tunnel.

‘Okay,’ she agreed, ‘not here though, over there,’ pointing to the small cluster of trees along the base of the mountain.

‘We will hide there, wait to see if it follows us, rest for a bit then leave,’ Santhara instructed.

I collapsed under the first tree I made it to. The grass was still wet from the morning dew but my body was exhausted. Santhara strolled past, sat down next to the trunk and leaned her back against it. Her purple robe fanned out, covering her legs and black boots. I rested my hands behind my head and stretched out the rest of my limbs.

‘So, can you answer some of my questions now we aren’t under pressure,’ I asked her after getting comfortable.

‘What are they?’ she insisted.

‘How old are you?’

‘I am nearly twenty. Next,’

‘Why were you in the tunnels?’

‘I saw the Dragon fly over during the night and I followed it.’

‘So you didn’t stop it?’ I sat up, fury burning inside of me.

‘I was to far behind it, I couldn’t have done anything.’

She was right. I calmed down and let a deep breath out. I leant closer towards her and stared into her jade-coloured eyes, ‘why was the Wndith after me?’

‘They are after you, because you are one of them.’ Santhara answered.

‘One of them, a creature rider?’

‘Yes. When you were young your mother ran away from the city of the south, Ornheath. Where they breed people to build armies. Your mother, Therisa, didn’t believe in such ways.’

‘How do you know all this?’

‘I helped her escape,’ she gazed off with glassy eyes, ‘I lost three of my brothers to that wretched King Werthan,’

‘Over time and through spies the King discovered you and your Mother in Ahuenan.’

I had to process all the new information and mourn for mother; she was all I had. I was unsure what I had to do next but in some way, I had to revenge mother. She helped me escape and I’ll help her rest in peace.

‘When I was leaving,’ I remembered, ‘a man told me to look for a woman name Deanna in Edenra. Who is she?’

‘That is my mother and she escaped with yours,’ Santhara answered.

A surge of energy burst through my veins, ‘lets go now, I’m ready,’ jumping to my feet and grabbing my tunic. We didn’t have time to rest; I was excited. If it was true, I thought, I could tame creatures like the Wndith riding the dragon.

‘Before we go, I have to cut your long brown-hair so no one recognises you,’ She said, standing to her feet and pulling out a knife from her ankle.

‘Quickly though, I’m excited to meet your mother. I want to learn how to ride creatures.’

Santhara untied the rope holding my hair in a bun and let flop onto my back. I stood still while she hacked at my hair. Each hack pulled at my skull, she eventually cut it to an inch long. My head felt lighter and it didn’t flop in front of my face.

‘Thank you,’ rubbing my scalp, ‘now let’s go to Edenra,’ I started pacing off.


It took us a full day to make it to the city of Edenra. We arrived at the gates just after nightfall. Two guards stood on either side of the entrance; we walked past without being halted. ‘Welcome to Edenra,’ Santhara commented, ‘the city of people that govern each other.’


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