8 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

I’ve been writing this blog on and off for several years. I admit I go through waves of regularly pushing content and total absence.

Throughout blogging, I always start with the ‘why’. Why did I start my blog? Usually, the ‘why’ is what helps me push out content. The answer typically falls into these 8 points as to why I started this blog. If you’ve been on the fence about starting a blog, see if any of my reasons below can help you decide

WRITING UPDATE: As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been working on the final edits (I hope they’re final) of my book, To Wield The Stars. I have sent it off to my editor at OMAM Publishing and am anxiously waiting for it to return. In the meantime, I am returning to the Three Kingdoms which is the world for my novella, SHADOW OF THE WICKED.

SHADOW OF THE WICKED is available for $0.99 for a LIMITED TIME, so if you haven’t got it, below is the link to download your copy today.


8 Reasons To Start A Blog

1. You’ll become a better writer. At its core, writing is communication. It is about recording thoughts on paper and compelling others to agree with them. To that end, writing (just like every other form of communication that has ever existed) improves with practice. Blogging will not force you to become a better writer, it’ll just happen as you do it. And becoming a better writer holds important benefits for the rest of your life—whether you are creating a book, a presentation, a résumé, or an anniversary card for your spouse.

2. You’ll develop an eye for meaningful things. By necessity, blogging requires a filter. It’s simply not possible to write about every event, every thought, and every happening in your life. Instead, blogging is a never-ending process of choosing to articulate the most meaningful events and the most important thoughts. This process of choice helps you develop an eye for meaningful things.

3. You’ll meet new people. Whether it be through comments, e-mails, or social media, you may be surprised at how quickly you meet people online. And by meeting people, I mean legitimately forming relationships that seek to serve one another. The blogging community is friendly, encouraging, and genuinely cheering for you to succeed. It is how I met my editor/ author that now owns his own publishing company, OMAM PUBLISHING.

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4. You’ll inspire others. Blogging not only changes your life, it also changes the life of the reader. And because blogs are free for the audience and open to the public, on many levels, it is an act of giving. It is a selfless act of service to invest your time, energy, and worldview into a piece of writing and then offer it free to anybody who wants to read it.

5. You’ll become more well-rounded in your mindset. After all, blogging is an exercise in give-and-take. One of the greatest differences between blogging and traditional publishing is the opportunity for readers to offer input. As the blog’s writer, you introduce a topic that you feel is significant and meaningful. You take time to lay out a subject in the minds of your readers and offer your thoughts on the topic. Then, the readers get to respond. And oftentimes, their responses in the comment section challenge us to take a new, fresh look at the very topic we thought was so important in the first place.

6. It’s free. Your blog can begin today without spending a single penny now (or ever). I use WordPress and highly recommend it. With an initial investment of $0, why not give it a shot? Or for just a few dollars/month, you can use your very own domain name.

7. It’ll serve as a personal journal. Blogging serves many of the same roles as keeping a journal. It trains us to be observant and gives weight to the personal growth that we are experiencing. It trains our minds to track life and articulate the changes we are experiencing. Your blog becomes a digital record of your life that is saved “in the cloud.” As a result, it can never be lost, stolen, or destroyed in a fire.

8. It’s quite a rush with every positive comment. There’s a certain little rush that accompanies the immediate positive feedback that you receive every time a reader posts a comment, shares your writing on Facebook, or tweets it out to their Twitter followers. While walking the fine line between finding encouragement in that feedback and obsessing over it may take some time to get used to, it’s far better to find that line than to never seek it out in the first place.

As you can see there are many answers to why I blog but there are plenty more out there. Writing a blog is a personal journey with your own reasons. Maybe you blog to procrastinate and avoid what truly needs to be accomplished, like a novel or a WIP.

Now that you understand the many benefits of starting a blog, what are you waiting for?

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7 thoughts on “8 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

  1. Excellent post, Douglas. This is exactly why I love writing and am so passionate about it. The connections you make are wonderful and can be really life changing. I’m grateful to follow you and read your posts. Have a great evening, friend.

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    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Writing has changed my life, and I think I’m in a position to pivot it into a direction that I’m setting up for a long-term hobby. I’m so grateful that you’re following me and your words are the ‘why’ for me to keep me blogging. Thank you, and you too friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Meeting new people was one of the aspects I didn’t know I’d enjoy here on WordPress. In fact, some of my blogging friends know more about me than my real friends do, lol. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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