A New Name in Fantasy

I have some very exciting news. For those that have been following my writing journey, you shall remember my deal to publish my first novel, To Wield the Stars with publisher Fiction Vortex, however, in short, it went bust from COV-19.

And just as the Phoenix

rose from the ashes,

she too will rise.

Returning from the flames,

More beautiful than before.

Shannon Heartz

As a member of the story verse with other authors, we were hung out to dry with meaningless contracts until our Head proposed an idea. To become a publisher. Thus, Of Metal and Magic Publishing was born. Keep reading below to find out how to get FREE BOOKS!

As a new indie press, we at Of Metal and Magic hope to create a new mold of fantasy publisher, one that places authors and stories above all else.

Of Metal and Magic Publishing

These days, you certainly have a smorgasbord of fantasy publishers to choose from. Perhaps the biggest problem today is not finding content, but choosing which content to give your precious time and money to. At Of Metal and Magic Publishing, it’ll publish professional fiction by the best new fantasy authors.

Here’s our vision statement as a fantasy publisher: We strive to be the most epic in fantasy.

I know what you’re thinking—it takes a lot of gall to say something like that. Well, here’s how we plan to achieve that vision. As a fantasy publisher, we don’t limit ourselves to just publishing books and authors. We publish entire worlds! If you want to read more, click here OF METAL AND MAGIC PUBLISHING.

To that end, it has a selection of books available for FREE encompassing three different fantasy settings: the CORE world of Soria, the Valley of Magic, and Tervia.


This one’s free!

In the coming months, OF METAL AND MAGIC PUBLISHING will be focusing on CORE stories including:

  • A Wealth of Knowledge, a novella by J.D. Mankowksi
  • Call of the Guardian, a novel by JM Williams
  • Pariah’s Lament, a novel by Richie Billing
  • Scion of the Oracle, a novel by E.A. Robins
  • The Mad Reign, a novel by Chris Brock
  • To Wield the Stars, a novel by Douglas W. T. Smith

Later next year, we hope to sign and publish new authors and new worlds which we can’t even begin to imagine at this present moment. The adventure is truly just beginning.

If your looking for magic, mayhem, action, adventure, or anything in between—look no further! OF METAL AND MAGIC PUBLISHING has got you covered.

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