Novella and the Book Blurb

As I mentioned in my last post there has been quite a lot happening in our household and I’ve finally managed to finish the edits for the novella I’ve been working on, Shadow of the Wicked.

I’ve recently completed the third round of edits, synopsis and the book blurb. In the process, I have learnt a great deal in regards to story and character structure. In such a confined space of the novella, it was tough to contain my fantasy building limits but I really enjoyed it and I’ll probably continue to write novellas.

Here is the blurb:

Twin brothers. Different beliefs. After witnessing their parents burnt alive by magick, Jaromir pledged his life to the arts of weaponry and promised to rid the world of all magick. Yet Talmage developed an obsessive desire to follow the path of sorcery, in secret.

As years went by, Jaromir formed a secret order and Talmage was one step away from becoming the next Sorcerer Monarch.

The death of Empress Suiko took the Three Kingdoms by surprise and the twins disappeared. Jaromir is taken prisoner for leading the rebellion and forming an alliance against the wicked sorcerer Pius; and Talmage is thrown into a dark labyrinth for one final trial.

Both brothers are forced to identify their distant relationship, challenge the current status quo and save their loved ones. With arms twisted and anti-magick wards, the brothers have to search within for a courageous instinct to challenge fear before it is too late. Jaromir and Talmage have their secrets with the power to shift the chaos of injustice, but only if they are eager to expose it.

Two brothers.

One survivor.

Which brother will surrender their secret first to save everyone?

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