#FridayReads Challenge

Last year on my Goodreads account, I completed a reading challenge.

On a recent post, I shared my yearly #Fridayreads Challenge. I accepted and nominated eight books. I thought, if I at least set an achievable goal, it will motivate me to read more, however the eight books I chose were at least 700 pages long. In between the series I read short stories, poems and alot of articles on the craft of writing but I didn’t add those to my Goodreads challenge as they are alot shorter in length.

It has taken me awhile to complete the Memory, Thorn and Sorrow series by Tad Williams, but I did it. I highly recommend it for everybody who loves epic fantasy to read Tad Williams books.

What are you reading this week?

Again this year I have created a Goodreads Challenge of eight books. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it’s a small goal. If achieve it, it’ll motivate me to read more and increase my challenge.

Is anyone else doing the Reading Challenge on Goodreads?

For my next book:

“When people are threatened, a guardian will hear the Call. Empowered by its magic, he will fight to defend them. Draven hears it screaming.
He is the last of the guardians, an order of magical warriors started long ago by a small group of dissenting dragons who opposed the darker yearnings of their kin. For a time, left in peace by the feudal dragon lords that ruled Soria, the dissenters and the human defenders they created thrived. Now they both are being hunted, as a dark force is rises from the south. When his village is attacked by a new race of draconic slaves, Draven is forced to fight back.
Call of the Guardian is the story of an unlikely friendship, a pair of orphans finding a hopeful future in each other. Follow Draven, his dragon mentor, and their allies, as they seek to snuff out the source of a vile new race of dragon-like humanoids and the dark magic that created them.”
J M Williams, Call of the Guardian Blurb.

I am reading Call of the Guardian by J M Williams.

Call of the Guardian forms part of the ‘Of Metal and Magic’ Storyverse, a shared universe  in the world of Soria. It’s an exciting concept delivered in an intriguing new serial format championed by Fiction Vortex. I am halfway through it and excited to see what this universe has to offer.

Post your comments and answers below. If you think someone has an interesting point of view and answer, please invite them or share this post with them.

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7 thoughts on “#FridayReads Challenge

  1. I am doing the Goodreads challenge and several others (mostly ones to support my reading the books I already own) but I think only 1 of them is this long. I wish you luck on your reading this year!

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  2. I don’t read as much as I should. I just bought a used copy of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” because I wanted to look at how the author uses footnotes in a fictional text (something I am doing in my current WIP). I didn’t realize it was a thousand pages long!

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  3. I’m doing the reading challenge. I’m going to try to read 50 books this year. Three down so far: The Finding by Jenna Johnson, The Sculptor by Scott McCloud, and The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. Of course I’m on winter break right now so I’ve had time. Once school is back in, we’ll see.

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