Return to Order

It has been  a while since I’ve posted on my blog. The school holidays filled my time with countless pages of editing, visiting family up the coast and professional learning days for work.
To be honest, after having time off, I’m struggling to find the rhythm and routine to sit down each morning before the day starts and post on my blog. However, consistency creates order.

I want to thank the people that contacted me to be a beta-reader for my debut novel, A Time of Stones. If you stumble upon this and you’re interested, click here and leave me your details. Contact me. 

Writing is an adventure that frees your imagination, your feelings and your passions. Till I recoupe and regather my routine, here is a quote from Albert Camus about the writing journey and the risk writers endure through their lifetime.

“On the ridge where the great artist move forward, every step is an adventure, an extreme risk. In that risk however, and only there, lies the freedom or art.  Like all freedom, it is a perpetual risk, an exhausting adventure, and this is why people avoid the risk today, as they avoid liberty with its exacting demands, in order to accept any kind of bondage and achieve at least comfort of soul. But if art is not an adventure, what is it and where is its justification?”

#DWTSmith #passion


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