How Goal Sharing Can Finish That Novel

I made a habit to listen to podcasts whilst exercising (click here to see which ones I listen too) but one of my favourite podcasts is,  The Fantasy Fiends Podcast, and each episode they talk about the success or good things, related to writing, that have happened to them since the previous episode.

Taking the time to celebrate small achievements will give you a sense of accomplishment which will ultimately help tackle your larger goals.

At the end of each week and/or month, I am going to celebrate and share my accomplishments unto the virtual world.

I want to share my achievements with people stumbling on my blog and to showcase my progress on a personal level. Most likely, other achivements will be posted on the slower weeks like my exercise goals, reading goals etc… But I will be consciously aware of my writing achievements to share.

Many of us have goals which we strive for, but often times we only celebrate our big accomplishments. However, it’s important to celebrate the small successes just as much as the big ones.

I think sharing these achievements are important to stay motivated and help break down what can be a momentous task into smaller manageable steps. Experts have agreed that we are more likely to stick to our plans if we have well-thought out and specific goals we’re aiming for. Charting your goals helps you do that, and especially my bigger goal of publishing my novel.

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