Paperback or Electronic Books

It’s that time of the week – Tuesday Discussion.

From those who are new, each week I post a topic (relevant to my WIP) and try to unravel the mysteries and perspectives of it. Last weeks post was Work in Progress and this week is:

Paperback or Electronic books?

The advantages and disadvantages of a paperback bersus an ebook have been discussed over and over again. Even though ebooks are comfortable and hassle free, several studies suggest that reading on paper is better for memory retention and focus. Plus, there is the nostalgia factor too. People love to own books and giving them a personal touch by writing name and date is a centuries old habit.

Readers and Writers: what do you prefer?

I prefer paperback books. It enlightens most of my senses; the physical book I can hold in my hand and the sound of pages turning sends waft of printed pages. I can see and feel the chunk of reading I accomplished in a session, instead of X out of Y pages left. We still believe in the power of touch. The feeling of holding the book and turning the pages is something that can never be done with an ebook or reading app.

How do you read?

Post your comments and answers below. If you think someone has an interesting point of view and answer, please invite them or share this post with them.

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16 thoughts on “Paperback or Electronic Books

  1. I do most of my reading electronically. Particularly with academic reading, the ability to highlight and take notes on the fly is essential. But I am also a collector, so I keep some paperbacks if only for the sake of keeping them. 😀

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    • With academic books, I agree but I don’t mind having the printed out version to scribe and highlight. I love second-hand books as well, the idea of recycling them and just the other day I got one with an authors signature in it!

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  2. I do most reading electronically, mostly because it’s easier on my poor eyes. Also, despite being blessed with plenty of bookshelf space, we’re still overflowing with books. I tend to invest in books I know I want in my collection and look for affordable hardcovers. Oh, but those days of used bookstores… I miss them terribly.

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  3. I now read electronically. Books are heavier to hold in bed or carry in handbag. Also as much as I love the paper kind, they tend to become clutter and dust collectors. I never read fiction books more than once. They are a pain to box up when moving too!

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  4. I prefer reading on my Kindle for several reasons:

    1. My husband is a bit of a clutter freak? Owning too many books sets him off, so I pick and choose ones I love and really want to own, and then the rest get donated when I’m done with them anyway. But he can’t complain about how many books are on my Kindle. 😉

    2. I’m poor and Kindle sales are on point. Sometimes it’s possible to get deals bargains on paperbacks, for sure, but like I just got three books I’ve been dying to read for $3.50 for all three because the bundle went on Kindle sale. It’s really hard to beat that.

    3. Paperbacks take up a lot of room in my purse. My Kindle does not.

    4. I like to read while I exercise, and physical books are bulky and annoying for that.

    I still love reading physical books, and I actually try to rotate physical books in with my Kindle books. But I do tend to lean more heavily towards the ebooks.

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    • Thank you for sharing why you read your kindle. They are solid reasons to read with your Kindle, when I travel I love having the Kindle as you said it doesn’t take room up in the handbag.
      I guess the main thing I am trying to discuss with writers, is how you read, I won’t frown upon the people that read with Kindles or e-books I am glad to see people are reading. If you are a writer, reading should be ingrained in our daily schedule.

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