#Fridayreads Challenge

On my Goodreads account, it asked to start a reading challenge for 2018. On a recent post I shared what it would be – Fridayreads Challenge

I accepted and nominated eight books. I thought, if I at least set an achievable goal, it will motivate me to read more next year.

I recently complete the first installment to Memory, Thorn and Sorrow – The Dragonbone Chair.

What are you reading this week?

The Dragonbone Chair is full of wonder. If you have the patience to master this dense piece of work, filled with first class world building and heaps of lore, you’ll find it an extremely rewarding experience. It is a slow burner, especially the first third of the novel (titled Simon Mooncalf), but once the simmer turns into a boil there’s no stopping the story.

I highly recommend it for everybody who loves epic fantasy.

I am looking forwad to the second instalment, Stone Of Farewell.

Is anyone doing the Reading Challenge on Goodreads?

If so, are you staying on track?

Post your comments and answers below. If you think someone has an interesting point of view and answer, please invite them or share this post with them.

#DWTSmith #epicfantasy

A stone farewell

3 thoughts on “#Fridayreads Challenge

  1. I’ll have to recommend this one to hubby. He’s the epic fantasy buff. I tend to run away screaming, more often than not. XD

    I’m 8 books ahead on my reading challenge so far (64/100) and thinking maybe I just might reach my stretch goal of 150 books this year? Which is absolutely crazy, especially considering I read all of 30 books last year.

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