Space and Writers Block

I have been sick and a little hesitate to share my ideas the last week. I thought if I could accomplish a big milestone on my second edit, I could resume blogging ā€“ I accomplished.

I got stuck on one of my characters plot point. In the draft, I started the chapter in a place that had no leading or following up. My writers block began when trying to figure out where and when to start the chapter to lead to that specific plot point.

I had a huge WRITERS BLOCK.

I changed it multiple times, all did not make sense. I left it for the night but I continued with another characters arc.

The next day I returned with a fresh mind and the scene poured out naturally onto the page.

I wrote a post on Ways to Unblock Writer’s Block ,which has some interesting ways to overcome it but sometimes walking away from it or moving onto another project will suffice.

What do you do if you feel the block?

Post your comments and answers below. If you think someone has an interesting point of view and answer, please invite them or share this post to them.

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7 thoughts on “Space and Writers Block

  1. I have been unwell and will continue to have what it is until I fold. A year ago I was diagnosed officially. I felt relief to be sure, as madness, dementia, depression, hypochondria and MS had been top of my thoughts, my self diagnosis over the previous eight years. So poking, proding, looking, measuring, testing and conjagating took my time as you can imagine … hopefully. Just when writing could have taken me out of myself given me the escape … I couldn’t write. This began as an obvious thing, if you have long bouts of not being able to hold on to one on one conversations, brain fog severe enough that you struggle forming words, or in a millisecond not knowing how you got where you are standing you are not going to write or read. A year on and the fog is lifting treatment is simple, uncomfortable but doable and permanent. Now I have to recognise when I am dropping back and need treatment and trust I am clear enough to write with clarity and the conciseness required to finish my work in progress. Now, too scared to ruin my work of four years, I don’t take advantage of the spaces when I probably could tackle the final edit. I am going back to my blog attempting some small micro stories poems and flash fiction. I announced I would, to make me stick to a one a week post , to hopefully begin. Is this writers block or fear? I have ideas, stories and a vivid imagination as much as before but my mind is like a thief I believe I have written or said something that later I realise I did not

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    • I am sorry to hear what you have experienced but hopefully it is more of an up hill battle now. Start with small goals and the satisfaction of completing goals will drive you through much bigger and better accomplishments.
      I wish the best for you on your endeavors, the world awaits your journey šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘


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