Furious Fiction

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55 hours. 500 words. 500 dollars. Different prompts each month.

Once a month I participate in this competition, it’s free and fun. There has been two competitions, the second finishing yesterday.
If you want to join here is the link – Furious Fiction

The prompts were inspired by May the Fourth (Star Wars reference if you are unaware):

  1. Your story must begin with the words A LONG TIME AGO
  2. Your story must contain these three words (or their plurals): STAR, WAR, FORCE
  3. And your story must feature SOMETHING THAT FLIES.

Remember – your story does NOT have to be sci-fi.

You have 500 words.
You can win 500 dollars.
The clock is ticking.
The galaxy is waiting…
Let’s go!

Here is my entry:

Last Shadows

Post your comments and feedback below. If you think someone would enjoy this or critique it, please invite or share this post to them. Thank you.

#DWTSmith #furiousfiction


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