As we end the second week of NaNoWriMo and enter the second half we praise our accomplishments and adjust our goals and ambitions for the final phrase of our novels arc.

This week I was more concerned with plot structure and character arcs than word count.

I successfully outlined all my characters journey and the overall plot – intertwining plot structure with these characters was difficult but achievable.
I advise for writers to take time to do this, it reinforces the characters decisions and questions their presence. It creates an organic character development which, as a reader, helps drive through each chapter and character.

Creating this visual of structure and character arcs prevents writers block. Whether its on sticky notes or hand-written in a book, having it present, for me, turns the cogs if they are ceased up.

Writers of NaNoWriMo – Did you accomplish a milestone this week?

Writers – What did you accomplish this week?

Readers – Did you accomplish a book your enjoyed/ disliked this week?

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Post your comments and answers below. If you think someone has an interesting point of view and answer, please invite them or share this post to them.

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