Short Story Sunday – S.S.S.

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It’s that time of the week again – S.S.S.

If you missed last week,  here it is.

I want to get people involved, if we can get enough traffic, hopefully some cash prizes can be organised – to make it more interesting.

In the meantime, I will continually post the rules and my stories each week.

Sunday Short Story – a short story on Sundays. In the form of poetry or a short story with a fully developed theme. You can: choose to join and share yours; or read mine – either way you’ll be participating in the weekly event.

Just write.

Word Limit:  up to 500 words/ 5 stanzas

Genre:  Author’s choice (including poetry)

The idea behind it is to think outside your major project or genre. Being completely absorbed by the one project/ theme seems daunting and frustrating. I feel it could be like music; you can love classical but listen to a bit of rock to make you appreciate the finer melodies.

Here is a poem from a bus-stop bench’s perspective I wrote today.





Four wheels leave to the left, and to the right

with the two-legged soft things,

that rest on me through dark and light,

and some breathe out clouded rings.


All are heavy, but some thin or some wide,

the two-legged things cover my fixed view.

Sometimes their other legs hold bags to their side,

sometimes I can catch a glimpse, a little preview.


The hard body has arrived – they all stand.

Hopping on and hopping off.

Off to the left; an unknown land,

where smaller hard bodies also head-off.


I always watch, I have never moved.

Underneath all colours and things, I am never unmoved.


#DWTSmith #SSS

6 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday – S.S.S.

  1. It’s a lovely poem! I especially love those last two lines. So poignant, and a fantastic way to end it. This looks like it’s a lot of fun.

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    • Yeah I think it’s a great idea, I would love to have more people involved and make it a competition for people to win a little bonus 😃
      Thank you and I am happy you liked it


      • Is there a theme, or is it just whatever you want to write? I love themes, because I’m always interested to see all the different ways one topic manifests itself. xD

        Liked by 1 person

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