OUA Television Ad Campaign

This week was the launch of Open University Australia’s (OUA) national T.V advertising campaign, ‘What If‘. To my overseas followers, I am sorry you won’t see the campaign it is an Australian campaign but here is screenshots from it.

I wrote a feature for the OUA website, My experience, for the website and here it is below.

My experience with the OUA ‘What If’ campaign was surreal. From the first point of contact till the day I was boarding the airplane, it felt like I was a celebrity. At the studio, it was a both a thrilling and exciting experience. I had been in front of a camera lens before but reading a script and having make-up done on 35-degree day in a Melbourne warehouse was completely different.
I believe the ‘What If’ campaign is OUA’s philosophy – to answer the ‘what if’ questions
most of new graduates ask and support the studying path for each individual. When I first started at OUA I was a culprit to ask many of those ‘what if’ questions. I was over the moon when OUA asked me to be involved. Throughout the whole process OUA made the effort of appreciating my opinions, my beliefs and values, and my personal life schedule. Their flexibility and communication levels reached above and beyond which reflects – in my opinion – OUA’s philosophy.

I am extremely grateful for OUA to give me the opportunity to participate in the campaign, as it will help me build on my authors profile once I have my manuscript ready for publication.

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