Tuesday Discussion

A while ago I started a discussion forum with fellow writers and readers every Tuesday.

I am going to resurrect this concept as I believe we all have similar interests and belief but sometimes we cannot find the space for it.

This weeks discussion is based around the material book, whether you are publishing or reading, post your preference and why?

Hardcovers or Paperbacks? And why?

For me, I prefer paperbacks. As a reader and writer, Paperbacks seem more attractive for the public to buy, a good size to hold whilst reading, easy artwork conjure on the cover and cheaper to publish.

Post your comments and answers below. If you think someone has an interesting point of view and answer, please invite them or share this post to them.


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10 thoughts on “Tuesday Discussion

  1. As a slowish reader prone to wrecking books over the course of a reading, I usually purchase paperbacks. If a book is particularly precious to me, I might go for a hardback copy afterwards.

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  2. As a consumer, hardcovers are just so overpriced. I always feel like I am getting a raw deal. As a reader, paperbacks are more comfortable. But even more comfortable? My Kindle! šŸ˜€

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    • They are overpriced! Overall, paperbacks win. I understand the pros of Kindle but I still love the physical papers under a dim light, knowing how much I read and the beautiful collection of books I own; it creates a house into a home.


  3. Paperbacks. They hurt less when I inevitably drop them on my face while trying to read in bed and falling asleep mid chapter.

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