Day Of Birth

Today was my 29th birthday and my first birthday on my blog.

I am glad to share a life changing journey with all my viewers and followers. Thank you for reading and sharing my ideas and I hope in my one year growth of wisdom, my journey will inspire you for change or growth.At eight o’clock every morning I receive a notification from telling me the word-of-the-day. On my day of birth it was Moira. It means apersons fate or destiny.

Throughout the whole day, my mind pondered on the concepts of fate and destiny, and I asked myself numerous times, what is my fate and destiny?

After hours of mental exertion, I summoned my answer.

If I love what I do, then what I do will control my fate and destiny.

Yes fate and destiny rely on the audience and other forces of nature but I believe if people can see the love and passion I have, then it will reflect onto thee thus helping my fate and destiny come into fruition.

I thank all of my readers again for reading my thoughts, ideas and my journey.

Much love to you all across the oceans, under the mountains and on traveling wifi hot-spots.

Morgan looking upon the mountains of Thea

#DWTSmith #dayofbirth

9 thoughts on “Day Of Birth

  1. I never knew that word. happy to learn it today. reading this in a fast speed train with intermittent wifi is like a journey into an adventure. looking what’s around the bend now.


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