Twenty-seventeen accomplished

Man vs Storm

Twenty-seventeen resolutions were made and some broken.

At Christmas my family talk about what each of us were grateful for the year. It has become our own little tradition and it allows us to focus on the positives.

The things I was most grateful for in twenty-seventeen were:  I finished paying off a large debt, graduated from University, teaching children with special needs, bought a puppy, the constant love and support from my partner; and most important of all — I finished the draft of my first novel.

I am proud of what I accomplished but it is the time of the year to think of what lies ahead of us.

There are four goals I want to work towards in twenty-eighteen, and they are:

1.Upload One Post a Week on my blog – I looked at the statistics of the last 6 months for my blog and they were depressing. In July I uploaded 19 posts. This goal is more realistic and achievable.

2. Each month, finish editing four chapters of my novel – I want to achieve more than this but having the minimum safety net of four chapters will keep me motivated if a month has been full of events and distractions.

3.Finish a short story a monthEvery writers goal should be to write. I want to write more on other projects apart form my novel. A short story a month would be ideal.

4.Spend more time with the partnerTwenty-seventeen was full of events, distractions, achievements and work. Next year I want to spend more time with my partner, quality time like camping, warm moments and new skills.

What are your goals for twenty-eighteen?

What are you proud of from twenty-seventeen?

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9 thoughts on “Twenty-seventeen accomplished

  1. Loved reading this; well done you. Goals, even small ones lead somewhere and if that is to a sense of achievement, our inspiration to continue does indeed stay around long enough for us to utilise.
    2017 for me was one of discovery and enlightenment. For the first time in my 48 years here, I am starting to feel I know who I am. My own identity. How about that? I am very excited for 2018, because i would like to continue to blog whilst moulding it into something a little more structured. (I can tend to waffle on you see….). I have 22000 words sat on a WIP, awaiting development into a novel, research for which will take me to Italy (has to be done!) and, like you, more short stories.
    Good luck with your journey and enjoy those moments at home being supported by your partner. 🙂

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    • I definitely agree.
      It’s good to see that other people are having an enlightening year – even better for you, for discovering who you are.
      Good luck with 2018 and I wish all the best for you and your journey 😃👍


  2. Those sound like great goals. My three real goals for 2017 were to start this blog, read 100 books, and finish at least 5 long games. I didn’t finish the games but I did keep up with my blog. Next year I hope to be more active, and maybe grow my online persona a bit more by stretching to social media.

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  3. I commend you on your accomplishments in 2017 and your goals for 2018!

    I’m pleased with the reading I did in 2017. Although I fell short of meeting my person reading challenge, I read some outstanding books. I was too optimistic when I divided my reading challenge into 27 categories. I did read 61 books, though, which is 30 more than I read in 2016.

    I learned this Christmas that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

    I plan to be easier on myself in 2018 by setting more reasonable goals, but I would love to finish writing my historical novel manuscript. Perhaps I need to spend less time reading and more time writing!

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