Place of Origin

For a while I have been observing my views and where they come from.

In one of my older posts I thanked my followers and I still am very grateful for the people that are interested in my literary journey but I’d like to know,

Where are you from?

As you might know, if not, I am from a town, 4hrs north of Sydney Australia, called Port Macquarie. It’s known for its convict history but the tourists come to town more for the majestic beaches and cradling valleys. Living amongst the peaceful lands helps me focus on the things I am passionate about, which are the ocean and writing.

Where are you from and does it shape how you write?

If you think someone has an interesting point of view and answer, please invite them or share this post to them.

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11 thoughts on “Place of Origin

  1. I’m from Nigeria, and I can’t really think of how it helps my writes. Of course as I write a lot about Romance and the “white life”, it’s like transporting myself to somewhere better.

    I’ve always being in Nigeria, but in a few years time when I do travel, I hope to visit places and see their impact on how I write.

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    • Hey to Nigeria!
      Thank you for commenting. There would have to be some sort of inspiration you draw from your home dwellings.
      Even transporting yourself away from your current situation is, in a sense, drawing from your surroundings like living in the freezing cold and writing about blazing heats.
      Does that make sense? Haha šŸ˜‚

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  2. I’m from India but I live in Dubai. When I do write a little something every now and then, I seem to write a lot about the Indian food, the crowded streets, nature. While from Dubai, I draw upon the sync between people who live in this country. As far as I’m aware there are people from more than a 100 countries living here. So that really helps with diversity.

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  3. I’m from Trinidad, but most of my stories are based in France, Los Angeles or San Francisco and sometimes Ancient Egypt.

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  4. I’m from America…Luckily for me I can drag my hell with me where ever I go. Most of my short stories are based on a feeling rather than a place. Though in my first novel I wrote about a place called Jamestown, NY. In that book the town is defiantly a character in the book. In that the town is going to shit along with the character. So I would say the misery of that town guided the story, but it didn’t propel the story. Honestly I never even thought about it until you asked. Great question…. I’m going to reflect on this for days now.

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  5. Hi! I’m from Portland, Oregon (USA). I’ve never thought much about how my city influences my writing style (perhaps it adds a casual, yet cynical tone to my words), however the Pacific Northwest is the setting for most of my stories.

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    • Hello from Portland!
      Thank you for contributing to the discussion.
      I never thought much of it because I write fantasy but I draw a lot of inspiration from the valleys and mountains surrounding me. I never thought about it until my brother read it and pointed out the similarity and feeling of home. Maybe sometimes it takes a different perspective to notice a common trait šŸ˜Š
      Thank you again

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  6. I am from Northern California. And it has affected my writing. California is a place of great freedom and beauty but unfortunately my California characters use their freedom and gifts to get themselves into various problems.
    Still, I love what I think of to myself as “the homeland.” The geography shows up in my writing, especially the wild areas, barns and horses of my childhood.

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