Absence and chaos

I noticed the last few posts have been excusing my absence on my blog.

My schedule is chaotic. I gained extra work, tutoring primary school children literacy and teaching creative writing to high school (middle school) young adults. All in order to save for a car and to, hopefully, go full-time writing at the end of the year with a decent amount of savings.

Amongst the chaos, I have been editing my draft. It is taking me slower than expected but forward at any pace is better than nothing.

In this chapter, I hope I haven't lost any followers or a potential blogging audience.

Be patient with me and inform me of how your current WIP is going.

#DWTSmith #chaos


10 thoughts on “Absence and chaos

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  2. Sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn’t it? No worries about losing this follower. 😊
    It sounds like you’re legitimately swamped. I can relate. Good luck to you in your endeavors.
    I’ll be editing soon myself. Sigh. I know how it feels. Slow-moving is still moving.

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