Jina S. Bazzar – Questionnaire

Questionnaire – Jina S. Bazzar

Bio: I am a Brazilian born, Palestinian descendant, 33 year old mother of three hooligans. I write fantasy books, read almost anything and my disability doesn’t hamper me.

1- When was that moment when you realized that language had power?

Well, I’ve been reading for a very long time. I remember my very first comic book when

I was very young, and the love for poetry that followed. I remember going to the school’s

library and reading poems about the alphabet. I remember talking to friends about the

hidden meaning of something funny that they had to read twice to grasp (which meant it

was no longer funny). And I’ve always preferred books to movies. But although I’ve tried

once during high school to write a book, it was only after I became blind that I fully

comprehended the power of words, tools that could be wielded and shaped according to

what, or how I desired them to be. Words, carefully crafted, have the power to capture, to

repel, to make you laugh, or cry, even fear.

2- Who is your favorite author and why?

I have a lot of favorite authors but . . . kudos goes to Nora Roberts. I’ve read more than

140 of her books (including novellas, anthropologies and her In Death series under the

name JD Robb) and her work have never failed to astonish and capture me. Roberts has

“that way with words” that every writer wishes for: They are simple, descriptive and

realistic to the point that you can envision exactly what she wants you to see.

3- How do you select names for your characters?

Well, you got me here. Usually I go for the first that pops into my mind, but sometimes I

realize that “john” wasn’t a good fit for the character I want “john” to be, so I fish on the

internet. For example, if he’s American, I go for American names – select the one that

catches my attention; if he’s Russian, I go for Russian – choose the one that sounds like

my character. I do the same for surnames.

4- If you didn’t write, what would you do?

Easy one. I would read.

5- Why did you contact me to do this questionnaire?

The honest truth? Sounded like a fun way to get people to know you.

5 thoughts on “Jina S. Bazzar – Questionnaire

  1. Thanks for revealing your fav author. Now would be reading her novels to write good descriptions. I even admire ur writing, the way you portray the emotions of a character synced perfectly with the outside situation. A helpful questionnaire 😀

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