Discussion Tuesday

Creating a title for your work.

To run from a recent post. I finished my first draft of my novel. 

I feel I am stumped with the title. I have had people asking me, What’s it called? I don’t know yet.

I came to conclusion. A Book Title = the essence of your book + a twist.

Simple right? Not for me. Until recent, I never thought about the immense pressure on the book title.

This week’s topic is: Book titles.

Am I the only one that feels confused on how to make a book title that will make or break your sales?

If there are any published authors, how did you conjure your book title?

Aspiring authors in draft stages, are you stuck like me? If not, how did your title come about?

Leave your comments below. Please share, tag or re-post this topic to someone that would have an opinion.

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Bloggers for questionnaire

hand in crowd

If any authors, bloggers, or aspiring writers would like to participate in a questionnaire for my blog, please email me on dwtsmith89@gmail.com by the end of the month (30th of June) !!

I have 5 questions to ask you and I’ll post your answers on my blog. I would like to do it over two weeks, and post a few a week. If it all goes well, I’ll do it a few times and if I get a lot of interest. I’ll post them all in the time frame I am allowing this round.

The point of this is to interact with other people in my position and hear your stories.

Also, if there are any other bloggers doing a questionnaire, I would be more than happy to participate.

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First novel finished! 

I finished the draft of my first novel!!! 
I couldn’t be any more excited and proud of myself. Four months ago I started my book and this what it looks like now; 5 A4 books and 2 A5 art diaries. 

I don’t have a title for it. There are a few I wrote down but until I am 100% sure I will leave it as Untitled. 

For those that seem the light is far away, don’t give up ✌️😃 — feeling proud.

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Student Testimony


Opportunities are everywhere.

I was asked to do an interview for Open Universities Australia in my local paper. I was more than okay to participate (Why Douglas studied online).

Open Universities Australia were more than happy with my interview and offered me an online, video interview. As an aspiring author that needs to be in the public spotlight as much as possible, I did it. It was an experience and I am grateful I accepted the opportunity.

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Tuesday Discussion

Since my last post a lot has happened and a week has passed. I apologize.

My new job, Teaching Children with Autism, has been exhausting and rewarding. It has taken up a lot of my free time and I am trying to build a routine to incorporate writing and blogging.

There is only one way to fit writing and blogging into a busy schedule; just do it.


This week’s #Tuesdaydiscussion is about: finding your literary voice. The narrative. 

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Long Weekend

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Hello bloggers/ writers/ authors or general online public.

If in case you were wondering if I was still alive. The answer is yes. I am alive and refreshed. I took a few days off from blogging. It was the Queens Birthday so most of Australia enjoyed a long weekend.

I spent the days camping up the coast and disconnected from the Internet with my partner. It was raining and cold but it brought us closer. We enjoyed each others company and hot teas brewed on our portable gas stove, around the campfire.

I feel refreshed and ready for online engagement. I missed my regular #tuesdaydiscussions and #fridayfantasy but all will be caught up on and ready by the weekend.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable week. Please tell me your current #WIP and if sometimes you just need a break from everything to reconnect the creative streams in your mind.

Till my next post, I will leave you on this note.

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”


A Concrete Tomb

As requested by a follower.

I wrote a short story about my Hometown, Port Macquarie NSW Australia.

I thought I would write out of my comfort zone, completely out of my zone.

A thriller short-story.

Please leave feedback, it is a little bit long but it should only take a couple of minutes to read.

Thank you and enjoy ✌️😃


The orange glow beamed through the lounge room’s window and onto Ethan’s face. He became conscious, his mouth was dry and his vision was distorted. It cleared and he saw both his parents’ corpses piled on one another, lying in a pool of dried blood on the cream-coloured carpet.

‘What have I done?’ said Ethan.

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A poem I wrote during my existential crisis during university. Enjoy.

wallpaper abyss-3

Is concern empty,

Or a means to do good?

Keep us locked in the woods,

from the truthful unseen.


Is it our way,

to break right from wrong?

A simple impasse to hinder the strong,

each night and day.


Construction of thought;

we test what is told

and all that is taught.

To find what we hold,

is endlessly fraught,

till we grow old.



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Tuesday Discussion

That time is here, and I have an intriguing discussion for today.

Writers – Do you write with pen or keyboard?

Why do you prefer your chosen format?

Readers – Do you prefer paper or electronically?

Why do you prefer your choice?


I love the direct contact to paper it helps me with my creative process. The direct physical contact to the word has a certain charm to it. It gives me a better sense of what I have accomplished and my handwritten paper is more “me.”

Also, after my first hand – written draft I type it onto my laptop,  thus my first edit. 

But even if you write on the computer, you might have different habits that allow you to better connect with your creative  side. 

The same goes for reading. I love the feeling of physically turning the page, grabbing a book and sitting in front of the fire; and seeing the progress with my personalized bookmark that my partner’s Auntie made me.

Leave your comments below. Please share this post to something that would have an opinion on this.

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A new chapter

Today I embark on a new chapter in my life. (I bit of personal information for my followers).

I am starting a new job as a Casual Teacher’s Aid in Children with Autism.

I am excited to be involved with children’s education and to try give them the best opportunity they have in life.

Today I will be in English and History, both subjects I adore and feel very comfortable with.

I hope everyone’s Monday has them excited about a new chapter they can embark on. If so, share below 😃 Have a splendid day.

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