Burimen Brothers – Part VI

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P.s – for those who are reading and following the series, I changed the Brothers name. I wasn’t convienced sorry for any confusion. 

‘Are you crazy? I could’ve been killed,’ I yelled at them, struggling to stand up.

‘I told you he’d be mad Mother,’ Santhara smirked.

‘At least he isn’t dead.’

I bent over, holding my hands on my knees. Taking in deep breaths to calm down.

‘A Beast Tamer is the real label,’ Deanna continued, ‘Animal Rider is more of a snob-nose title, a derogatory word for people that are different to their own. But come, let me show you more,’

She walked through the gate, Santhara followed close behind. I had no other option. The way I came was locked and the only way out was to follow.

‘I need answers!’ I screamed, echoing out over the rows of seats and out of the colosseum.

‘You won’t find your answers, if you don’t know the whole story,’ Deanna answered over her shoulder, disappearing into the darkness.

Looking back on where I came, I had to leave it all behind, again. I followed them like a chained dog following its owner. The tunnel lead through the walls of the colosseum, Santhara was holding another crimson door open at the end, with a cheeky grin.

Light blared in the doorway, covering my eyes I walked through the doorway to feel soft lushes grass on my feet. My eyes adjusted and I was on a farm, knee height grass ran as far as I could see. Among the grass was a cottage, similar to the home in Ahuenan. I looked back at the closed door, Santhara had gone and the door sat there alone. There were no walls around it, I opened it and it was hollow, long-grass surrounded me and stretched into the distance.

I ran towards the cottage, pulling my legs through the long-grass. I came before it and Deanna stood at the front door holding it open. On the front porch was Mothers rocking chair. On winter mornings she would knit out jumpers, to keep her and I warm. Deanna waved me inside. I hesitated at first, I looked at the porch, ‘this can’t be real. I saw our cottage burn,’ I thought to myself.

I walked inside and my heart sank; it was home. Our bed we slept in, surrounded by the blankets and clothes Mother knitted. The bench in the far wall we used as a kitchen. I looked at Deanna, about to unleash my questions but she placed her finger on my mouth, ‘shhh’ she hushed and pointed to the backdoor. Mother paced in, pulling a boy’s arm, ‘Come on Elijah, we have to leave now,’

‘But Mommy,’ the boy begged her.

I stared at Elijah, my older brother as a baby and Mother didn’t look a year younger. At first, I wanted to run in but I knew I couldn’t. I watched history take shape.

‘Where are we going mummy?’ he begged.

‘Far, far away,’ she told him packing clothes into the bag.

A man – suited in charcoal armor, no hair and a sword on his waist – barged into the door, ‘no!” Mother screamed at him.

‘That’s Lieutenant Gamal, one of King Wethern’s commanding officers,’ Deanna whispered.

Gamal charged after them, throughout the house, trying to grab Elijah off her. She screamed and wrestled him with all her strength. Gamal grabbed Elijah and used all his strength to steal her son. ‘I won’t let you take him, I won’t,’ she screamed.

I ran towards them, jumping at Gamal but I faded through him. I landed hard on the ground, ‘I thought you would’ve done that sooner,’ Deanna commented.

Mother jumped onto Gamal and Elijah broke free.

‘Run Elijah run!’ she yelled.

He listened to her and bolted into the long grass. I stood up, as the Gamal shook Mother off. He backhand slapped her and she fell to the ground. I swung a punch at him but it faded through him. Mother cried out her heart. Gamal chased after Elijah, I followed, he caught up to Elijah and grabbed him, kicking and screaming as Gamal tried to hold onto him. They ran off into the long grass, fading into the dark luminous clouds above.

I ran past Deanna and back inside the cottage. The echoing voices of Mother’s cry lingered in the empty house. Deanna watched me, staring into the house. I sobbed into her chest. After a while, I settled down and pulled away from her chest.

‘That’s why I never met my brother,’ I concluded the dream, ‘he was taken away from us before I was born. Where are we? I know this isn’t home.’

‘It was your home in Ornheath. Before we escaped.’ She answered.

‘Mother made our home, in Ahuenan the same as in Ornheath’

‘Did she?’

‘Yeah, I thought I was home,’ I said.

‘The surroundings are different to what it actually was,’ Deanna told me, walking out the front door and staring at the clouds forming.

‘Where are we? What is all this?’

A crimson door with the right key,

       can show you an opportunity,

‘A magic key?’ I asked.

‘A key can be real or figurative. A real key can open the door but the other key can show you the answers.’

‘Who has keys?’

‘People that can be trusted to open all of their deepest secrets, their happiest and darkest memories; for anyone can open the door if they hold their key,’ she showed me the key. On it was engraved ‘Therisa’.

‘Iureth is my pet, he was taken from me when I was young, as precaution if I knew I was a Beast Tamer,’

‘Did you know?’

She nodded with childish grin.

‘What now?’ I questioned.

‘It is very calm here, I wonder why your mother chose this setting for the memory,’ She thought aloud.

‘A storm is forming, whether we see it or not,’ she continued staring above, ‘and you have to be prepared for it.’

*                      *                                       *                      *

Sweat beads fell from my forehead and sizzled on the dry, hot sand.

‘Come on,’ Santhara yelled from the arena’s seating. Deanna watched from the gate, with her arms crossed and Iureth stared over me, mouth wide open, fangs dripping their venom.

I thought of Mother and Elijah, struggling for their life, for their freedom. That will not be taken from me, not again.

I jumped to my feet, Iureth attacked; I dodged it, rolling underneath him. I climbed his neck; he tossed and squirmed his body back and forth. I held tight with every ounce of strength, I crawled up to his neck like a spider. I made my way on the back, closed my eyes and thought of the woman, in my re-occurring dream, stabbing my neck. My legs melted into Iureth, both limbs were gone and I could feel the dusty hard sand on my belly.

I whipped the tail on the ground to demand power of him; Iureth obeyed. His head held high, motionless, waiting for my next course of action.

Santhara hooted in excitement. Deanna had a grin across her face, I could see, she was proud of me. I slide around the edges of the arena, in full control of Iureth’s body. A great sense of achievement overwhelmed me.

‘You are ready,’ Deanna declared, ‘ready for your next test.’

I halted and stared down at her, my ego shattered like someone throwing a rock at a glass vase, ‘next test?’

She nodded and walked down the dark tunnel.



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5 thoughts on “Burimen Brothers – Part VI

  1. I love this series! I was not sure whether I liked Hunter’s character because he seemed to be a little weak and impulsive in the beginning. But his character developed more in this part, where he became braver. Eagerly waiting for the next part!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am truly touched. To know that there is someone, in the world, reading my series and eagerly waiting for the next part motivates and overwhelms me.
      I greatly appreciate it, if I am pleasing one reader, yourself, it makes all of this worth it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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