Short or/ and Long-term Goals

Hello everyone,

I’m back and it feels grand to be exploring blogs, absorbing ideas and, most of all, engaging with my followers online.

I had an interesting few days and I was dying to post new ideas and thoughts.

At the start of my blog I aimed for 50 followers and week, that was 6 weeks ago and I just reached 450! A lot more than I had intended and I am more than thrilled to know that I have attracted my blog across the 5 oceans. Thank you to all of you.

There was a reason for my boasting and that was to start the weekly Tuesday discussion.


My short-term goal for each week was 50 new followers. I was posting a minimum of 4 posts a week (I did 5-6) and engaging with new blogs every morning (I still am) before work.

I am in the draft stage of my first novel. I set a goal to write 4 pages (1000 words) a day – 28 pages (7000 words) a week.

This works for me. If some days I am exhausted and I can only write 2 pages and on another day I am inspired and motivated and I write 7 pages. It’s a small enough goal to adjust with my lifestyle. Around all that I post on my blog, my goals still are 50 new followers a week, and a minimum of 4 posts a week (last week I only posted 3, please don’t judge me, I am only human).

These are all short-term goals to help my long-term goal of being a published author.

For me, I work with short-term goals. They are realistic, achievable and small enough to adjust with busy days, which ultimately keep you on track with your long-term goal.


If you haven’t noticed but this week’s discussion is about Long-term and Short-term goals.

I’ve shared you mine and what works for me.

How do you work with goal setting? Work straight towards a big project or, like me, have short-term goals to head in the right direction?

And what are you currently working on at the moment?

If you think anyone would like to contribute or would have an opinion please share, tweet, or comment them to join on the buttons below.

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10 thoughts on “Short or/ and Long-term Goals

  1. I work on short-term goals. For me, it’s a daily challenge. I do have a few long-terms. Like to re-write in English everything I already published in Spanish. I don’t know how long it will take me to do that, since it will be a re-write, not a translation.

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    • That’s great to hear! I’m glad someone sets daily challenges to keep them inspired and in the right direction for their ultimate goal.
      Good luck with it ✌️😃

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  2. I also give myself short term goals, and when I’m writing, I go for word counts like you do. Blogging takes a lot of time and I’ve never actually tried to get followers. They trickle in and it gives me more time to get to know everyone. It’s your blogging “friends” who are going to help you market your books, not your followers – if that makes sense. My recommendation is to go for quality over quantity. Happy Writing!

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    • What short term goals have you given yourself?
      It does take a lot of time, and I definitely agree with you.
      My followers I want to achieve are based on people trickling on what I have posted, interacted through commenting and my Tuesday Discussion.
      I definitely want to build blogging friends and that was one of the main reasons for these discussions, to build a relationship with other bloggers.

      Happy writing to you too ✌️😃

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      • That sounds great! When you said 50 a week I think I gasped. Ha ha. My writing goal is usually 2000 words a day which takes me about 8 hours. I’m fortunate to be able write full time so it’s all relative. 😀 Oh, my other goal is to get on the tread mill for 45 minutes a day!

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      • Yeah it sounded like I was after quantity but I want both haha! 😃
        Oh that’s great. I’m so jealous, one day I’ll be able to write full-time.
        I have noticed in the last week that physical exercise has helped me have my breaks in between writing. I get a chance to step away and return with a fresh mind.
        I’m thrilled to hear your goals, keep to them and let me know how you progress with your writing ✌️😃

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  3. Nice approach!
    I have a similar mix of short- and long term goals but they also change, depending on what i’m working on at the moment.
    Reading is definitely set as a long-time goal, as I think of how many books I want to read in a year right at the beginning of the year. Hopefully I’ll read more, sometimes I’ll read less, but that goal won’t change.
    As for writing, I used to set myself a monthly word count but I haven’t done it in a while, as I have other priorities right now and my writing routine has become more erratic. Instead, I’ll plan as I go, depending on the story I am working on. I am currently working on a short story I began months ago. First draft is done and this week I’ve been rewriting big chunks of it. So next month’s goal is to write the final draft, revise it and (hopefully) find it a home. And then it’s time to start all over again with a brand-new story.

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    • Thank you, I am happy you enjoyed it.
      That’s good to hear! I’m glad you are still setting goals, if it is either reading or writing (both I am passionate about).
      Good luck with your final draft of the short story, I look forward to it ✌️😃


  4. What you’re doing is working! I have so many goals and to-do lists that it’s a wonder I don’t run every red light from being caught up in my head reciting them all. Balance is critical but no one can really teach it to you! I’m usually a rollercoaster of feeling swamped and feeling like I climbed Mount Everest.

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    • Thank you!
      Make the goals start small, turn that list into smallest to biggest. That should get your motivational gears grinding to complete things off the list 😃


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