I sat at my desk and pondered on what my next post could be, then it hit me. An introduction of who I am and why I am posting this.

I grew up and live in Port Macquarie. I moved down to Wollongong when I was 21 to study but at the time I was unsure what I wanted to do. I dabbled in different fields and subjects but nothing interested me except, Sociology. After a summer break I got immersed into The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings. I had always been drawn to fantasy but not in a literature sense, after I fell back into reality I thought to myself, I could create a world with characters and underlying messages that can apply to real life.

Once I had that moment of clarity I rushed to my computer to see if I could major in Creative Writing. I scanned the computer screen and it was meant to be, I could.

I went to university the next day and organised another major to be added on and that is where my Creative Writing spark begun. After 4 years of learning how to apply and break the rules of writing, existential break-downs, all-nighter assessments, an excessive amount of alcohol, traveling to foreign countries alone and living with no money; I can say with all my heart, I want to be an author.

I moved back to Port Macquarie, started working at The Beach House Cafe/Pub and trying to get students for an English Tutor.

From here I want to create a space to share my progress, thoughts, short stories, what I am reading, ideas that continue to inspire me and my own story to become an author.

At the moment I am in the draft stage of my first novel, however I am not comfortable in sharing any piece of that yet. In the meantime it will just be all the other things listed above.

My main focus of writing is Fantasy. I am open to fiction, especially the classics, like J.D Salinger, Charles Dickons, Keith Waterhouse, Harper Lee, Jack Keuroc, Frans Kafka etc.  but I will always fall back to fantasy on either side of finishing a book.


I hope I haven’t bored you with my story. I hope to join the writing community and build a strong relationship with people like myself.

Tell next time, here is a photo my friend Charlie Black captured (check out his page here) which inspired me to write a scene in my book.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 18.55.58



4 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. I had to look up the 2 towns (cities?) you mentioned. I thought Australia or NZ but I wasn’t sure. So if you are looking for a topic one day you can describe something from your life or from Australia and it will probably be very enlightening for me! Thanks for checking out my blog I look forward to following!

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